Middle Eastern Duck Salad

  • Recipe(s): Middle Eastern Duck Salad (page )
  • Prep: Moderate
  • Taste: Very Good

Another Sunday night, another great dinner, care of Jamie Oliver. A few weeks ago (November 30, 2014) we completed the final warm salad of our challenge and were treated to yet another recipe that included duck.

The prep for this recipe is moderate. There’s a lot to do, in terms of chopping, etc. in addition to this there’s a large time commitment required because you have to roast the duck first, which takes a few hours. Thankfully, the Grey Cup was on this day so I was able to enjoy the game while the duck cooked. Another reason the prep took a bit of time was because we were unable to locate pre-shelled pistachios anywhere around our place. We had to buy a bag of roasted pistachios and then shell them. What a pain that was!

Note to those who are going to deseed a pomegranate. DO NOT wear white. I choose the method of cutting the pomegranate in half and banging the outside with a wooden spoon so all of the seeds fall out. While I did not get much on myself the recipe book took a beating. It looked like it had been through it and back….woops.

The final product was solidly good. It was very different from any salad I had ever made or, for that matter, ever had in my life. It contained a range of ingredients that worked very well with each other and that I would never have thought to put together. There were sweet notes, sour notes, salty notes and rich notes, primarily from the duck. Out of all the duck recipes that we made this year I probably cooked the duck the best on this occasion. We recently were given a new roaster, which probably helped.

We would probably not make this again as there is a large time commitment required and well, duck is expensive. I did like the flavour though, so may try the same type of recipe with a roasted chicken.


One thought on “Middle Eastern Duck Salad

  1. Hey Derek! I was just reading through some of your posts, I can’t believe how much cooking and baking you guys have done this year!!! And the variety…I didn’t know you had rabbit! And made donuts. Crazy! I think I’d like to try the gingerbread recipe 🙂 You two are quite dedicated.

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