Onesie Party Cookies

  • Recipe(s): The best shortbread in the world (page 412) & Ultimate gingerbread (page 414)
  • Prep: Moderate & Moderate
  • Taste: Good & Good

Last Friday, December 12, 2014, our friends hosted a onesie party. For those of you who don’t know what a onesie party is, let me explain. Essentially, it’s a chance for a bunch of young adults to get together over the holiday season, wear a comfortable article of clothing that is associated with babies/children, have a few beverages and eat lots of food. Our contribution, aside from showing up in awesome onesies, was to make some desserts. We thought this would be a perfect chance to complete the final two desserts from our challenge; shortbread and gingerbread, so the night before the party I had a one-man baking party. Woohoo!

As with most baking, well….maybe only when I’m baking, the prep is moderate. It always seems to take me a long time to prep everything when I’m baking. There is; cutting, measuring, slicing, sifting, mixing, rolling, patting… get the picture – lots to do. Add to this the fact that you’re slowed down by making sure your measurements are bang on to keep the recipe from being screwed up, it took me a little while.

As these are being taken to a party and served to friends I made sure to quality control the finished product! I can report that it’s definitely a good shortbread but not the best I have ever had. It doesn’t really have anything that makes it stand out from other shortbreads. The only ingredient that was unique was the semolina flour but this did nothing to enhance the taste, to me anyways. All in all, it is a solid baked good.

When I saw that the gingerbread was made from a completed batch of shortbread I was pretty stoked. I figured, since I made a double batch of shortbread my prep on this recipe would be easy. Well, I was wrong. There is still plenty of; measuring, chopping….I think you get the picture. It may not have taken quite as long as the shortbread recipe but then again you have to make the shortbread first, so….

The gingerbread was very different from any other I’d had before, which I was hoping for. In my mind, I associate gingerbread with those uber hard, plastic wrapped, gingerbread men/women you pick up at the store. This isn’t anything like those, I repeat, this isn’t anything like those. These are chewy (a product of the molasses and golden syrup), sweet (sugar), and have a bit of heat (ground and crystallized ginger). Now, the heat I’m talking about is not like tabasco heat but rather that nice, back of the tongue, heat/tang you get from fresh ginger. I really like that flavour. If you don’t like ginger and/or molasses then this recipe isn’t for you. If you do, then this is a great gingerbread recipe that I’d suggest trying out.


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