5 Different Salads

  • Recipe(s): Simple crunchy side salad (page 28), Simple green side salad (page 29), Proper tomato salad (page 33), Crunchy raw beetroot salad with feta and pear (page 36), Unbelievable root vegetable salad (page 43)
  • Prep: Various
  • Taste: Various

We have always eaten a lot of salads. Typically they’re a basic green salad with vegetables that are available in the Vancouver area. You know; green pepper, celery, tomato, onion, mushrooms, lettuce, etc, etc, etc….. It was nice that Jamie Oliver’s,’Cook with Jamie….’ had a tonne of different salads for us to try this year. Some of them were pretty basic, others were more complex but all of them gave us different ideas for when we make salads in the future.

Simple crunchy side salad
We made this simple salad way back on January 5, 2014. It was actually one of the first recipes we made as part of our annual challenge. It was a very, very basic salad that was incredibly easy to prep. We made it with the suggested French dressing, which you may have read about as part of the salad dressing blog. One thing we liked about this salad was the addition of blanched beans. I wouldn’t have thought of doing this before – it’s definitely something I would do again. The end product was good but we probably wouldn’t go out of our way to make it again.

Simple green side salad
Made on May 27, 2014 this salad was similar to the one above. Basic, easy to prep, with adequate taste for a salad. One thing we found difficult in making this salad was finding all of the ingredients. Not all of them were easy to come across at our local markets. For example, I was unable to find baby chard. This salad had a bunch of ingredients I would’ve never put in a salad. Some were great, such as the arugula and asparagus, and some were not our favourites, such as the dandelion leaves. The dandelion leave were very tart/bitter, and definitely not something we would add to a salad again. As I stated at the beginning, this was an adequate salad, that was easy to prep. As the ingredients were hard to find, we wouldn’t make this salad again.

Proper tomato salad
On April 11, 2014 we hosted a birthday dinner for my partner’s Mom. For the meal we made 7 recipes from the book, one of which was this tomato salad. Like the first two salads of this blog, it was easy to prep but instead of having an ok taste, this one was very good. It was a very simple salad, in terms of ingredients. We used cherry, jubilee and roma tomatoes. Unfortunately, we were unable to find green tomatoes. This salad was a classic combination of tomato, basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The only thing missing would be a little bocconcini but this wasn’t completely necessary. It was still a very good salad but of course you have to like tomatoes to have a salad full of them!

Crunchy raw beetroot salad with feta and pear
Yet another very good salad! We made this one on August 2, 2014. The prep is easy, as long as you have a mandolin. If you don’t have one, the prep would be very time consuming. We found this to be a very unique salad with a really interesting range of ingredients, most of which we would never think of putting together. The salad consisted of lemon oil dressing, pear, mint, feta cheese and obviously beets. One thing I would mention is to make sure you use hard pears. The ones we used were a bit too ripe, which made them very hard to matchstick. I will also mention, that while this salad is very good, it is not the best the day after. If you make this, make sure you eat it all on the first night, you won’t be disappointed!

Unbelievable root vegetable salad
Made on July 5, 2014 this salad required much more prep than the others – the prep was moderate but it was good (some of us liked it more than others). We actually made this for a few friends along with the chilli oil dressing. This salad had fennel, beet, carrot, parsley, celery heart, radicchio and radishes. I think it may have been a bit too bitter overall, so a different (sweeter) dressing may work better. If you are making this salad though make sure you chop the ingredients very fine and small. We used a mandolin but unfortunately it’s not a top end model, so you can’t change the thickness of the slicer. The beets came out a bit thick for our liking. All in all, it is good and something we may try again with either a better mandolin or else we may use a peeler to make the vegetables very thin.


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