Salad Dressings in the City

  • Recipe(s): Balsamic vinegar dressing, Creamy French dressing, Grilled chili dressing & Japanese dressing
  • Prep: Various
  • Taste: Various

I am writing this entry a bit differently from the rest. Instead of detailing the prep of each recipe first and then the taste I am actually going to take you though each recipe in full before proceeding to the next one. As this entry will cover the remaining 4 salad dressings I have not blogged about yet I thought this would be the best way.

These are going to be short and sweet….

Balsamic vinegar dressing
Made back on March 17, 2014, this was perhaps the most basic of all the dressings in the book. This is a type of dressing many of you have probably made at one point. It is a classic combination of balsamic vinegar and olive oil that goes well with many types of salads. The prep is very easy and it has a good taste. There is really no point going any further than that as it is very, very basic.

Creamy French dressing
This was one of the first recipes we completed. We made it on January 5, 2014 and we served it on the, ‘Simple crunchy side salad,’ (page 28). There was a bit more prep required to complete this dressing but it would still qualify as easy. We thought it was a good but not good enough to warrant the calories or time required to prep. Perhaps if it didn’t have creme fraiche (tasty but high in fat) we would make it again!

Japanese dressing
Moving on to the most recent dressing we made. We prepared this dressing on October 27, 2014 and served it on a salad that included; mushrooms, carrots, cauliflower, sesame seeds, green onions and cold asian-style noodles. It was a classic mixture of eastern ingredients and was very similar to a mixture I would use when preparing a stir-fry. It was easy to prep and I thought it was good. My partner did not like it as much as she thought the flavour of the sesame oil over powered the rest of the ingredients.

Grilled chili dressing
The final recipe of this blog was made back on July 5, 2014. The prep for this recipe was also easy but it did take longer than some of the other dressings. This was due to the fact that you have to grill the chilli before you are able to use it in the dressing. As my partner says, ‘if cooking is involved in making a salad dressing, it’s too much work for a dressing’. We used Thai chilies for the recipe and in hindsight this was not the best choice. They were too small to really grill properly. I would definitely use a habanero or other larger chilli in the future. Some people thought the dressing was a little too spicy but others thought it was ok. We ended up giving it a good rating but would probably not make it again.

That is it for the salad dressing recipes from, ‘Cook with Jamie…’ Each of them are easy to prep and some of them bring some really nice flavours to the plate. If you are going to tackle any of these recipes I would suggest having one thing handy……a used jam jar. Throw everything in there, shake it around with some vigour and your dressing will be ready.


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