The Final Roasted Chicken Breast Recipe

  • Recipe(s):Roasted chicken breast with lemony Bombay potatoes (page 187) & Roasted chicken breast with cherry tomatoes and asparagus (page 187)
  • Prep: Easy & Easy
  • Taste: Good & Excellent

Another milestone reached.

We made the final roasted chicken breast recipe from, ‘Cook with Jamie….’ tonight. It is a sad day because this means we are done with the recipes that we know will always be solid. There are a total of 4 roasted chicken breast recipes in the book and each have been tasty. If you have read any of my previous posts (Bacon wrapped chicken… & Risotto, chicken and Squash – Oh my) you will know how good they are.

This blog will not only cover the recipe we made tonight but also one that we made back on January 5th, which just happened to be the very first recipe that we made as part of our challenge. How long ago that was…

Do make sure to remove your poultry from the fridge ahead of time to try and bring it down in temperature a bit. Of course you don’t want to let it get too warm or else you are risking an uncomfortable night.

The prep for both recipes was easy. The first was a touch more involved as I had to peel the potatoes but other than that the rest of the prep is a breeze. It is really nice to simply put everything into the same baking dish, place it in the oven and let it cook away while you get on with other important tasks, such as watching ridiculous YouTube videos of dogs getting stuck in furniture.

After 25-35 minutes in the oven you should be ready to dig in.

The lemony Bombay potatoes version was good. We had high expectations as each of the other chicken breast recipes have been good, very good and excellent, however this one was our least favourite of the bunch. The chicken itself was super moist and the skin was nice and crispy. To me it was cooked perfectly. The seasoning of the dish (cumin, turmeric, ginger, cilantro, lemon zest, pepper) was also very nice. It had a definite acidic taste from the lemon but at the same time a really fresh taste from the cilantro and ginger. The balance of flavour was done really well and it created a very nice tasting piece of chicken. Where the dish fell flat was with the potatoes. This could have been my fault as I may not have cooked them long enough or perhaps I should have purchased a different type. Unfortunately they came across as a bit dry. This dish definitely has potential. I would contemplate making it again with a different type of potato.

The cherry tomatoes and asparagus version was excellent. I remember making this recipe, way back in January, and thinking, ‘I really hope all of the recipes in the book are like this’. It was quick to prep and lovely to eat. Unfortunately not all of the recipes were like this but one was allowed to dream.

What made the dish so good was the simplicity of the ingredients that were used; asparagus, rosemary, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, and white wine. Add to these ingredients the chicken fat that’s rendered during the cooking process and you are left with one hell of a dish. The white wine added a sweetness to the cherry tomatoes and the rosemary added an earthy flavour that brought everything together. This was such a great dish to start out with, we would definitely make it again.


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