Crab Crostini with Salad

  • Recipe(s):Delicious crab crostini (page 273) & Sicilian dressing (page 24)
  • Prep: Easy & Easy
  • Taste: Good & Ok

Last night (August 18, 2014) we had appies and salad for dinner. A nice light meal for a nice warm day!

It was actually great that we decided to make these two recipes as it was a super busy day at the office and the last thing I wanted to do was make something like rabbit stew. Actually, that probably would’ve been pretty good but the quickness of these two dishes worked well with me leaving late from work.

Unfortunately, I still had to make a quick trip to the store to pick up the crab meat. This time I did not buy as much as I when we made the crab linguine. If you read that post you will remember that I shelled out $40 for fresh crab meat! This time I went to Whole Foods and purchased enough to halve the recipe. There are only two of us and I didn’t think the crab mixture would taste as good as leftovers. There is lemon juice mixed with the crab, which would alter the sweetness of the crab after awhile.


The prep on the crostini was easy. The crab meat I purchased came pre-picked, meaning I did not have the separate it into strands myself. This definitely saved time. The garlic aioli is a breeze and anyone can squeeze some lemon juice into the mix.

The sicilian salad dressing was equally as easy. Squeeze a lemon and orange into a jam jar, add some olive oil and dried oregano and you are done. Easy peasy. In fact, the salad I made to go along with the dressing took more time and was more difficult to prep, and salads are normally very easy!

The crab crostini was pretty tasty. The garlic aioli made the dish. Unfortunately we did not have garlic in the house and I didn’t realize until I was home from the store. I had to use dried garlic bits, which actually worked extremely well. The crab mixture itself was nothing to write home about. It had the makings of a great dish but just didn’t get there. I personally would have used dill instead of fennel. The fennel was nice but just didn’t bring enough to the dish. The addition of the red pepper worked well though. That little bit of heat paired with the mellow creaminess of the aioli was nice. This is a pretty quick dish to prepare and would be a cool appetizer to serve, however it is a bit pricey.

The salad dressing was very basic. I used a regular naval orange, which I thought would have added a tonne of flavour but for some reason it didn’t. I added more juice than the recipe called for and it still lacked flavour. It is a super quick dressing to prepare though, so in the future I may try it again with a different type of orange. Perhaps a blood orange would work better?

So, while both dishes were quick to prep they did lack a bit in taste so I would rank them both midway along the flavour to effort scale. It was nice to be able to leave work late and still complete another two recipes. I just wish they provided us a better flavour profile. Hopefully tomorrow’s meal (stew) will be better.


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