Scallops….three ways

  • Recipe(s):Shell-roasted scallops; the old-school French way (page 248), with sweet tomato and basil sauce (page 249) & with ginger, soy and cilantro (page 249)
  • Prep: Easy for all
  • Taste: Very good for all

Last night (August 18, 2014) we made two scallop recipes from, ‘Cook with Jamie,’ which took us close to 75% completion for our challenge. We are slowly but surely getting close to the end!

I am also including a scallop recipe that we made wayyyyyyy back on June 14, 2014 in this blog because it is from the same part of the cook book, “shell-roasted scallops.”

The first time I roasted scallops (or any seafood for that matter) in the shell was on a trip to Korea back in 2007. While there, I was taken to a shell-fish bbq on the beach, where you are sat down in front of a grill and plates and plates of shell-fish (on the shell of course) were brought out with different seasonings (butter, garlic, kimchi, etc.) The best combination included a tiny amount of Soju, which makes everything better! It was one of the best meals I had on my 4 week stay. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of places in Vancouver where you can do this (I’ve never seen one) so when I saw there were three recipes in the book I was totally stoked.

Before I was able to begin prepping the scallops I had to find them in the shell. This was the first obstacle. I went to over 10 places hoping to get fresh scallops with the shells on but no where had them. They all had nice fresh, wild scallops but no shells. I was starting to think this was not going to happen until I walked into a cooking store on Granville Island. There I found scallop shells that can be re-used and put in the dishwasher. Score!

So, with that disaster averted I was able to get home and prep the first of three scallop recipes, which is the exact same process for the other two, that were made last night.

The prep on all three recipes is easy.   There really is not much to do at all.   Had I been able to find scallops in the shell the prep would have been substantially more involved as I would have to shell them myself, hoping to not stab myself or ruin the lovely scallop in the process.   But alas, I did not have to do this.

All three of the preparations ranked better than good.   The old-school French way was perhaps the best of the bunch.   It is hard not to be good when the scallop, which is already delightful, is cooked in butter, parsley, lemon and a fresh nutmeg.   It really is an old-school combination that worked perfectly.   It was actually ranked very good by all those who enjoyed it.

I personally enjoyed the preparation with ginger, soy and cilantro.   It had that classic Asian flavour that I really enjoy.   The zing of the ginger and saltiness of the soy worked great on the delicate scallop.   Then it is finished with that fresh cilantro and lime taste.   Brilliant.  You could probably call this the classic-Asian inspired way.  I would rank this as very good.

The third and final preparation was enjoyed most by my partner.   It could be called the old-school Italian way as it has basil, sweet tomato and garlic.   That combination that I have said many times in the past is classic.   Again, it worked very well with the scallop.   There was just enough vinegar and lemon juice to balance out the butter, which combined with the creaminess of the scallop was delightful.  She ranked this as very good.

Roasting scallops in the shell is pretty easy and tastes great.   Each of these would rank high on the flavour to effort scale and I would definitely make them all again.   If shell fish were cheaper I may even consider hosting a big beach bbq where all we served were different seafoods in the shell.   One can dream!


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