A different type of Potato Salad

  • Recipe(s):Amazing potato and horseradish salad with fine herbs and bresaola (page 30) & Grilled and roasted red mullet with pancetta and thyme (page 237)
  • Prep: Moderate & Easy
  • Taste: Very Good & Good

Last night (August 13, 2014) we passed the 70% completion mark of our challenge. Unfortunately I have only blogged about 35% of the recipes we have made, which means that I have many more to complete before the end of the year. Thankfully I have a great memory and we have been taking excellent notes and putting them directly into the book. All I need is a stretch of poor weather (don’t tell anyone I said that) and I will be able to complete a whole bunch of them.

Anyway….we passed the 70% completion mark with two recipes that were both quite good. We made yet another whole fish, and a completely different, yet very good, potato salad. I am looking forward to finishing the fish section. While I enjoy fish, we have been making it a lot lately. It is starting to lose its luster with me. I guess this happens when you have too much of anything, except of course for wine, which neither of these recipes included, to my chagrin.

The prep on the potato salad was moderate. 100% of the ingredients require some form of manipulation, whether that be via chopping, slicing, dicing or boiling. The skill required for all of this work is minimal, however there is quite a bit of it. The fish…..dead easy. The majority of the work was done by the fish monger so all we had to do was stuff them, wrap them in bacon….let me say that again…wrap them in bacon, and put them in the oven. Easy stuff.

The potato salad was like nothing we had ever had before. It was like a deconstructed roast beef dinner. You had the shaved roast beef, fresh horseradish, new potatoes, vegetables and fine herbs (taragon). It was a really cool dish and a pleasure to eat. I had never used fresh horseradish before and was worried it would be too hot. I do enjoy the nasal clearing aspects of horseradish, however I did not want too much of it. The 3 tablespoons the recipe called for was just enough. There was nothing that really stood out in the recipe, which was perfect. When you have a huge flavour, like horseradish, it is always nice when the rest of the ingredients compliment it.

The fish was a typical whole fish dish. It did have bacon, which takes it up a notch, but the rest of it was pretty pedestrian. I do find that cooking a whole baked fish really keeps the moisture in though, which is really nice. Stuffing the fish with fresh thyme was a nice touch as it added to the flavour of the flesh. It was good but if we hadn’t had sooooo much fish recently I would probably have enjoyed it more.

The potato salad ranks midway to high on the flavour to effort scale with the fish a bit lower down. I would definitely make the potato salad again but would, more than likely, pass on the fish.


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