Surf and Turf…..if turf were Risotto

  • Recipe(s):Sticky fingers lobster (page 282) & Spicy pangrattato risotto (page 123)
  • Prep: Moderate & Moderate
  • Taste: Good & Good

Guess where I started the prep for this recipe?   That’s right, Granville Island.   I had to go back to Seafood City and pick up the lobster I choose when I was there yesterday picking up perch.   It was still in the tank and as feisty as ever.   It didn’t want to leave the tank but after some encouragement from the staff it succumbed, was cleaned, packed on ice and on the way back to our place in a handy carry bag.

To go along with the lobster I also made another of the risotto recipes.   In a previous blog I said not to make risotto with another dish that requires concentration….well… had to be done.   It was actually easier this time as the prep for the lobster, while moderate, was not too time consuming. I was able to prep the lobster sauce, while the risotto cooked away on the stove top.  As the staff at Seafood City had already cleaned and cut the lobster in half, all I needed to do was make the sauce.   If I also had to prep the lobster itself I may have stayed away from making risotto at the same time.

For those who have made risotto before, you know how long it can take.   Because of this fact I made a full base and then halved it, which is something I have done in the past.   Half goes into the fridge for another risotto recipe, which we will make next week, and half stays in the pot that turned into tonight’s meal.   So the prep is moderate this time around and, more than likely, super easy the next time.

I was able to use the, ‘Kitchen Ninja,’ to prep the pangrattato topping and chop the celery and onion for the risotto base.   I have mentioned the ‘Kitchen Ninja’ in numerous posts – if you have never seen one before check out the picture gallery on the right hand side of the blog.   I posted a picture in there for all to see.   It is an amazingly versatile kitchen appliance.   It made the pangattato in no time!

The risotto was pretty basic.   If it didn’t have the pangrattato topping it would have been just the risotto base (stock, celery, onion, rice, white wine) with some butter and parmesan added.   That would have been really plain.   The pangrattato topping was a nice surprise.   It added a different texture along with a bit of kick, from the chilli peppers.   Although you don’t de-seed the peppers they weren’t too hot at all.   It had just the right amount of heat.   The only thing I would add is a bit more lemon zest.  It was a good dish but we would probably not make it again as there are better risottos in the book.

The lobster was also a good dish.  My partner had never had lobster before so she was very excited to dig into it – she just had to figure out how.   Normally you get a pair of crackers to break open the claws, etc.   We don’t have those here so she had to do it the old fashion way, with a bit of elbow grease.   I quite enjoyed the topping that was used.   It definitely had an Asian flair to it.   The spring onion, ginger, honey, lemon juice and garlic was a great combination for the lobster to be cooked in and the topping of fresh cilantro just prior to serving added a nice freshness.  I would have added more honey to bring the sweetness up a bit and decreased the amount of fresh chilli that I put on at the end.   All in all it was a solid preparation for lobster.   Unfortunately, these bad boys are pretty expensive so we won’t be making this recipe again.


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