Squid ink Pasta….I don’t know about this?

  • Recipe(s):Black angel tagliarini (page 95)
  • Prep: Easy
  • Taste: Good

Last night (July 30, 2014) we decided to bite the bullet and make the squid ink pasta dish. I had been hesitant to make this dish because I was unsure what the squid ink would taste like. It honestly doesn’t look that appetizing. Boy was I wrong. It was a classic example of me judging a book by its cover. Even after all my parents taught me…

This is a super easy dish to prep. Actually, let me qualify that for a moment. It is super easy to prep when you purchase the pasta instead of making it fresh. I did just this. To be honest, in my multiple trips to the seafood shop or Granville Island, I had never come across squid ink. I had, however, found the pre-made pasta during one of these trips, so decided to go and pick some up for the meal. So, this dish was easy to prep.

Do be careful to not over cook the scallops. It would be such a waste! I’m always extra careful when using fresh scallops, partly because a rubbery scallop is not nice and they are expensive!

The pasta didn’t taste anything like we thought it would. I envisioned a dish with a tonne of fishy taste, expecting the actual pasta to emit some of this flavour. In actuality, the pasta itself tasted the exact same as regular pasta. The squid ink added nothing in terms of taste. It did however add a cool look to the dish.

The heavy hitters of this dish were the scallops (when are they not?). They were cooked perfectly and tasted wonderful. There is nothing better than a fresh scallop, cooked just right, with butter, white wine and a touch of lemon. In fact, most shell fish tastes amazing with this combination. The addition of the red chilli was interesting. I added two chillies and, to be honest, could have added a third. There was a nice amount of heat but it could have used a bit more. All in all it was a well balanced dish. The squid ink pasta was more of a novelty than an addition to the dish but, don’t they say half the taste is in the presentation? It definitely looked different.

I would rank this mid way on the flavour to effort scale. It was very easy to put together but could have used a bit more on the flavour side. Perhaps a few more scallops, less pasta or an additional red pepper but all in all it was a solid dish. I would probably make this again by substituting the squid ink pasta with regular, fresh pasta.


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