Why have I never made Schnitzel before?

  • Recipe(s):Schnitzel with watercress and spiced apple sauce (page 182)
  • Prep: Moderate
  • Taste: Very Good

Why have I never made Schnitzel before..? I’ll keep asking myself that question from this point on and will vow to definitely make it again in the future.

Last night, July 29, 2014, we made the pork schnitzel recipe from Jamie Oliver’s ‘Cook with Jamie…’ book. As you can probably tell from the first sentence of this blog, it was delicious. I wish that we had made more and had left overs for lunch but alas, it was only a recipe to feed two, which it did with great delight.

The prep for the recipe is a bit intensive (moderate) as there is quite a bit to get ready. There are a few ingredients to chop and you have to tenderize the meat. I would suggest making this recipe when you know you are going to have an especially bad day and you want to blow off some steam. You can take out that aggression when tenderizing the pork! This was the funnest part of the prep. The least fun…. making matchstick cornichons (small pickles). This part was brutal. However, once that was complete all that was left to do was cover the meat in the four coating ingredients, which is easy to do, especially if you have them all lined up in a nice row. The cooking process is very quick, so once the prep is done you are almost ready to eat. I would suggest getting the apple sauce on first so that it is ready to go by the time your schnitzels are done.

This dish was very good. The pork was super tender and very, very juicy. I was afraid that it might become a bit dry because it is so thin but the breaded crust, and specifically the egg wash, really kept the inside super moist. I really liked the preparation of the pork. There is very little seasoning so you really get the lovely taste of pork, which is not something that you normally get in a dish. Of course there is also pork’s best friend in the dish, apple sauce. Growing up, my Mom would always serve apple sauce with pork. The apple sauce in this dish was quite different from what I remember growing up though. The addition of the clove was really nice. When my partner walked in, midway through the cooking process, she commented that the house smelled like Christmas. That is what the clove will do for you, though it didn’t overpower the sauce. It was actually nicely balanced. The final addition of the cornichon was a nice, creative touch. It added a bit of acid, which the rest of the dish was lacking and brought everything together.

I would rank this high on the flavour to effort scale. While the prep is more labour intensive than other dishes the taste is worth it. As I said in the beginning, I will definitely be making schnitzel and apple sauce again.


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