Yet another Risotto Recipe

  • Recipe(s):Tomato, basil and ricotta risotto (page 126)
  • Prep: Moderate
  • Taste: Ok/Good

There are two types of dishes that seem overly abundant in this recipe book; risotto and gnocchi.

We are almost through the gnocchi recipes but less than halfway through the risottos, so we decided to eliminate another one from the list last night (July 18, 2014)

As with all risotto recipes, the prep is moderate. Again, this is not because of the skill required but because of the time requirement. Because you have to make the risotto base, which is essentially parboiled arborio rice with onion and celery, each time you make one of the risotto recipes from the book it takes a bunch of time. We were originally going to cut the recipe in half because each time we make it we are left with heaps of leftovers. Now, I like leftovers just as much as the next person, but making a dish that says is for 8, but is more like 10-12, is a bit much. I can only have the same lunch and dinner so many times in a row.

Then we got to thinking, why not make a full risotto base and remove half of it to the fridge to make another one of the recipes next week. This allows us to eliminate two risotto recipes in quick succession with 1/2 of the effort. What a great idea!

So, last night we made the recipe that contained; tomato, basil and ricotta, as well as minor ingredients of oregano and chilli pepper. I know what you are thinking, this sounds delicious. These ingredients scream fresh italian cooking and conjure up images of the Mediterranean sea….right? Well, while the ingredients provided a tonne of potential the final dish was very ordinary. I am really beginning to wonder if we cannot get the same quality of ingredients that are available in the UK? It seems that each time we make a recipe that sounds delicious it doesn’t turn out superb for us. I follow the directions to the letter as well, so I suspect it must be an ingredient issue, that or else we are expecting the dish to be better than it actually is because of who the author is? The one risotto we have already made which was delicious was the asparagus, mint and lemon risotto. Perhaps because we would never have thought to put these ingredients together and it was something new is why it tasted so good?

Regardless the dish was still ok and bordering on good, just not amazing. It would rank near the lower end of the flavour to effort scale due to the time required to put it together.

I believe we have another 3-4 risotto recipes left to make. I hope they delight our taste buds and give us something new to talk about.


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