Bacon and Scallops taken up a notch

  • Recipe(s):Pan-fried scallops with lentils, crispy pancetta and lemon creme fraiche (page 250)
  • Prep: Moderate
  • Taste: Very Good

Is there anything better than scallops and bacon?

I would normally answer no to this question but after tonight’s (July 19, 2014) recipe, I would say, yes, yes there is a combination better than scallops and bacon. It is; scallops, bacon, lentils and super thick plain Greek-styled yoghurt.

The prep for this recipe was moderate. It is not rated this high because of the technical skills required but because there are many things moving at the same time, which requires some degree of organization. The recipe indicates to get the bacon started after your lentils are done but I would argue that you can get the bacon going before this point. We ended up having to wait quite some time for the bacon to finish, during which time the lentils just sat there – they didn’t get cold or anything but it seemed like a waste of time.

The one thing to be careful of with this recipe is to make sure that you do not leave too much liquid in the lentils prior to mashing in the potato, garlic and tomato. I definitely left too much, which made the lentils much runnier than they should have been. Thankfully I did not overcook the lentils and they were nice and soft, but not overly so. Aside from this the rest of the dish if very easy to cook. Do take care to not overcook your scallop. There is nothing worse than a rubbery scallop!

If you didn’t catch on in the second paragraph, we both greatly enjoyed this recipe. I mean, bacon and scallops are a perfect pair. They go together like peas and carrots, rum and coke, Bonnie and Clyde…..they are an amazing combination. The addition of lentils, with everything that came along with them; potato, tomato, red wine vinegar and garlic, was amazing. And the plain yoghurt…..what a nice addition. The vinegar in the lentils and the lemon in the yoghurt added a nice amount of acidity to the dish, which helped to counteract the fattiness of the bacon and yoghurt. The vinegar in the lentils did much of the same. You would think all this acidity would be overpowering to the delicate taste of the scallops but they did not. You could definitely get much of that distinctive taste that comes along with a scallop. The asparagus added a nice crispiness, that the rest of the ingredients lacked. So really this dish had a good balance of texture and flavour, which we really like. My favourite bite incorporated every single ingredient of this recipe and it was delicious. All in all this was a top notch dish. It didn’t quite make it to the ‘amazing’ category but was very good indeed.

I would rank this mid way on the flavour to effort scale due to the prep but would make this again for sure.


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