Proper blokes’ love Sausage Fusilli?

  • Recipe(s):Proper bloke’s sausage fusilli (page 72)
  • Prep: Easy
  • Taste: Good

We are over 50% of the way to completing our goal!

It may not look like it based on the number of blogs that I have written but we have actually now completed over 80 of the recipes in the book. You know what that means…….? I have some serious writing to catch up on. If only it would start raining in Vancouver instead of being gorgeously sunny every day…..don’t tell anyone I said that.

Last night (July 13, 2014) we decided to make the proper bloke’s sausage fusilli, not because I consider myself a proper bloke (I have no idea what that means) but because it was such a nice day out that we didn’t want to spend too much time inside. This recipe had the advantage of being super quick to both prep and cook, so it won out!

As mentioned, this recipe was very easy to prep. There aren’t many ingredients that need to be prepped, and those that do, require minimal chopping, grating, etc. In fact, aside from squeezing the sausage out of the tubes, which is an interesting exercise, there is very little to do except put on a pot of water to boil, grate some cheese and lemon zest and bash up some herbs in the flavour shaker (or mortar and pestle). All in all, it took about 10 minutes to prep everything.

Cooking this dish is just as easy. Because there are few ingredients in the actual recipe you don’t really have to be super careful in watching to make sure you aren’t overcooking anything. There is also nothing delicate that you have to worry about. The sausage, which is the main ingredient, is super robust and can stand a little char on it if you step away to watch the highlights from the German world cup win. Do take the time to try and smash up the sausage as much as possible though. When you squeeze it out of the tubes it tends to stay in quite large portions so use the back of a wooden spoon to try and separate it. This will allow it to cook faster and give each piece of fusilli a little more meat content.

So, taste….it was actually a good dish. The few ingredients that were used worked very well together. I have made a lot of pasta in my time with various combinations of vegetables and herbs but have never used fennel seed in a pasta sauce. I was ignorant to how well the taste works with pasta – I had always reserved it for South Indian cooking. It added such a nice, sweet taste, that combined with the chilli pepper and the other warm spices already in the sausage, it really took this from an average pasta dish to a good one. Adding the parmesan to the sauce took a bite out of the heat and mellowed it out nicely. No one ingredient stood out in this dish, which I really like. To me that means everything worked in harmony.

I would like to note that we used Chicken Italian Sausage that we sourced from Organic World in Maple Ridge and we used 1 teaspoon of dried red chilli in place of an actual dried red chilli.

This recipe rates pretty high on the flavour to effort scale and we would definitely make it again.


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