Agro Dolce Chicken

  • Recipe(s): Pot-roasted poussins agro dolce (page 189)
  • Prep: Easy
  • Taste: Very Good

Tonight’s (June 22, 2014) recipe was a huge winner. It was easy to make and tasted fantastic. So good in fact that we would definitely make it again, which has been a rarity recently as we work towards our goal of completing every recipe in, “Cook with Jamie.” before the end of the year.

As on most occasions, we did not have everything the recipe required at our disposal, so I had to make a trip out to the grocery store, which didn’t bother me today because it was a brilliant day in Vancouver. The sun was out, the wind was down and the sea-wall was packed! I picked up the chicken from Whole Foods and the remaining ingredients from Save-On Foods across the street. All in I walked around for 3 hours before I got home and began to prep dinner.

The prep for this dish was easy. There are only two (celery and onion) ingredients that need to be chopped and two others (sun-dried tomatoes and Chianti) that need to be whizzed together. So, after chopping, whizzing and combining everything into a big oven proof pot, you can sit back and relax as it ticks away in the oven for an hour or so. I used this time to finish watching the Portugal vs. USA world cup game. What a comeback by Portugal!

You will note that I cooked everything for an hour. The recipe actually calls for 30 minutes but I substituted a whole chicken for the baby chickens, so it had to be cooked longer. I also substituted Carmenere for Chianti as it fits better into my budget!

This dish was very good. The tomato liquor (sun-dried tomatoes and wine) added a nice tangy depth to the sauce. The orange and sultana raisins added a sweetness and the pine nuts and pancetta added a nice saltiness. This was probably the first dish we have made that we were able to identify most of the major tastes; sweet, salty and sour. It was very, very good – it also smelled amazing. We served the chicken on top of some left over pasta noodles and bbq’d corn on the cob. In the future I would probably serve this with rice or mashed potatoes, as there is a tonne of sauce. The pasta did not absorb it they way a rice would. That is a minor adjustment though and the recipe actually does not call for it to be served on top of anything, so you can really free form there.

I would rate this dish high on the flavour to effort scale and would definitely make it again.


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