Zucchini Fritter Disaster

  • Recipe(s): Zucchini fritters (page 368)
  • Prep: Hard
  • Taste: Ok

It was bound to happen….a recipe that got the better of me and did not turn out whatsoever. Are you surprised it took this long? I know I am.

Everything started out so well. I was home from work at a decent time, I got all of the ingredients out and all of the pots and pans that were required. I even cut the zucchini into perfect (in my opinion) matchsticks. In fact the prep, while laborious, was fairly straight forward. Everything flowed easily until I had to shape the fritters and fry them up. Then my world of hurt began.

First off, I could not get the zucchini mixture to stick together. I have made enough homemade burgers in my day to know how to make the mixture bind. This had all the required ingredients; flour and egg. Both of those, aside from breadcrumbs, are perfect for binding but for some reason this would not stick together, which presented a real challenge…..how do I make a fritter out of pieces of cheesey, minty, peppery, zucchini matchsticks? My first thought was to add a bit more flour, which I did….it didn’t work. So, I figured, let’s just put it all into one pan on the stove-top, fry it to harden the bottom and then place it into the oven to fry off the top. This did not work. The liquid that was streaming out of the zucchini really hindered the frying process and I was left with a sloppy mess. I don’t know, maybe they were particularly moist zucchinis, so the extra water worked against me? Anyway, next I chucked the mixture into the ‘Kitchen Ninja’ and processed it into a finer mixture, hoping it would bind similar to a burger. This actually worked, somewhat, but it still wouldn’t fry properly. By this point I was out of ideas and very frustrated. There were no remaining matchsticks by this point, so I couldn’t try anything else anyway. I ended up frying what I had, to soften the zucchini, and we ate it like that….pretty much glorified baby food.

This recipe looked like it had so much potential and I’m sure that if it had bound together and come out like it was supposed to, it would taste amazing. My partner said that it actually smelled quite nice and to be honest, it did not taste awful. I may try it again, just so the recipe doesn’t win. Right now it rates low on the flavour to effort scale but could make a comeback in the future.


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