Spiced Yogurt and Broccoli

  • Recipe(s):Indian-style broccoli with spiced yogurt (page 338)
  • Prep: Easy
  • Taste: Good

To celebrate the end of the Victoria long weekend we made a lovely spiced yogurt dish from the book and paired it with some carrots and perfectly bbq’d bison steaks.

As the carrots and steaks were not part of the challenge this blog will only focus on the broccoli but man were those steaks delicious. Anyway, the dish itself was extremely easy to prep. It really took no time at all. Thankfully we had all of the required spices readily available and so didn’t even need to go to the grocery store for this one. The hardest part is making sure that you don’t overcook your broccoli. If you get past that obstacle, you are home free.

I actually cooked the broccoli just long enough that it was not hard anymore but not so long that it because mushy. To me, it was perfect. I even managed to get a nice little bit of char on it, like the recipe suggests. If the recipe ended there I would have been perfectly happy with the taste. Unfortunately, the spiced yogurt that was added to the top was a bit strong for my liking. My partner seemed to enjoy it more than me but hey, I’m the one writing. I felt that the cardamom was too much and it over powered the lemon juice, which is no small feat. To me, the balance of flavours was a bit off. The cardamom was too present, the fennel not really even there and the lemon juice played second fiddle. On its own this dish would have been a flop but paired with the meatiness of the steak it was alright. The limited fat that was in the steak toned down the heavy flavours in the yogurt and created a nice balance of flavour when eaten together.

We would make this dish again for Indian-styled dinners, as it is super easy to put together. It rates midway on taste to effort. If served with a fatty meat of any type, it definitely ranks higher.


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