Steak and Potatoes….sort of

  • Recipe(s): Potato Rosti (page 302) & Roasted cauliflower with cumin, coriander and almonds (page 342)
  • Prep: Difficult & Easy
  • Taste: Decent & Good

I will admit….the heading for this post is a bit misleading. Tonight we actually made steak, not from the book, a Potato Rosti and Cauliflower, both of which were out of Jamie’s, “Cooking with Jamie,” book. I braised the steaks in stock, a little balsamic and soya sauce. As they were not from the book, I’ll leave it there.

I actually did very little of the prep for the Potato and Cauliflower recipes, so I am working partially off of notes. I did eat them, so I can comment on taste. However, it is going to be hard to place them on my flavour to effort scale!

Let’s start with the potato dish. First off, as the recipe calls for match sticks, the prep was hard. I find match sticks one of the most time-consuming tasks, and I can tell you that my partner found the same issue. I wonder if you can buy them pre match-sticked, if that is even a word, at the grocery store. I have seen this for carrots before. Aside from the prep time creating the potato match sticks there was nothing else that caused too much trouble with the prep. If making the dish again, the fresh rosemary would be better if chopped up a bit, rather than using full pieces. Neither of us are much for whole rosemary leaves.

The cooking process for this dish is done in 3 steps. Fry the mixture, bake the mixture, pull it out to flatten it and then bake it again. I think I screwed up the flattening/compacting process. I pressed down way too hard to flatten the potatoes, which caused the dish to be a bit mushy. I think that, if I pressed with normal pressure, it would have turned out ok. While the goal of a rosti is to have a crisp outside and a tender inside, we both thought the inside turned out too soft. Aside from this issue the dish tasted decent but we would probably not make it again considering the prep and cooking time.

The cauliflower dish was substantially easier to prep. The hardest part of this dish is probably bashing the blanched almonds into small bits. I took care of this part using a meat tenderizer. The toasting of the herbs was done in the oven, rather than on the stove top, which caused a bit of an issue when the cauliflower had to be added. One thing we have both found is that the instructions in the book are sometimes vague. You really have to read the recipes a few times to ensure you are doing the steps in the correct order. Salting the water that the cauliflower was blanched in was also missed, so it’s possible that that’s why we thought it needed more salt. I guess you can’t blame the recipe when you don’t follow it precisely!

The dish itself needed a bit more salt. It had a nice enough flavour and we would probably make it again if something more was added to the dish to give it some more flavour. The recipe calls for the zest and juice of 1 of a lemon but we only had 3/4 of a lemon, it definitely could have used the whole lemon or a bit more to give it a kick.

You may be thinking that we have not made too many dishes lately, which, if judged solely on posts, would be a true statement. We have actually made a wack of dishes that I have not blogged about yet, which I plan on catching up on over the next week. There have been some great ones, along with some bad ones but all will be told when I have a chance to update this blog.


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