Simple Sauted Zucchini

  • Recipe(s): Simple Sauteed zucchini with chili and lemon (page 364)
  • Prep: Easy/li>
  • Taste: Good

Again we were short on time, so chose a recipe out of the book that did not require a ton of effort or concentration. This dish was very easy to make and had a good taste. The book calls for the use of a mandolin to cut the zucchini, which is something we do not have. I found it easy enough to use a chef’s knife to cut the rounds to an adequate width.

Once you have everything prepped this recipe comes together in minutes. I think from start to finish it was less than 10 minutes. You definitely have to pay attention while cooking so you don’t burn the garlic but other than that it was a very easy process.

The dish had a good taste, probably because of the knob of butter added at the end, and was easy to make, which puts it high on the taste to effort scale, which is great. We agreed that the use of butter, while delicious, is probably not required. If we were to make this dish again we would probably leave it out.

While this dish was good it was nothing out of the ordinary. I have made a similar dish in the past, without the use of dried chili, which did add an added layer. All in all it was quick, easy and tasty.

This was a quick one but please come back this weekend. We are having a birthday dinner and are going to be completing 7, count them 7, dishes in one night. It is going to be a challenge and a half. Add to that the fact we are making them on a Friday when time to prep is short….Yikes!


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