Catch Up Mondays

  • Recipe(s): Steamed broccoli with beurre blanc (page 341) & Whole baked cauliflower with tomato and olive sauce (page 345)
  • Prep: Easy
  • Taste: Broccoli (Average), Cauliflower (Good)

So, long time no cook.

Work, volunteering, dinner invitations, family events, birthdays, stags…..all things that are not conducive to keeping up with our recipe book challenge. It has been a very busy couple of weeks! In order to get back in the swing of things, I picked two recipes for tonight that seemed to have little prep and would go with some left over quinoa that we had in the fridge. Enter, the always versatile, broccoli and its friend, cauliflower.

As expected, I did not have all of the required ingredients for these recipes, so as you will find common in all my posts, I headed up the road to pick up a few ingredients. After a quick stop at Save-On Foods and the BC liquor store (for the recipe) I was back at home and started the prep of the cauliflower dish.

The prep for this dish is very easy. There is very little chopping involved and you only have to open two cans of ingredients. The hardest part of the prep is to ensure that you have the correct sized dish. It has to be large enough that the entire cauliflower fits and sinks into the sauce halfway. If the dish is too large, not enough of the cauliflower will be covered and it will not cook properly. I found that my medium-sized Le Creuset worked perfectly. Once you get everything into the pot you let it simmer for 50 minutes.

While simmering the cauliflower I made the Buerre Blanc sauce and chopped up the broccoli. I decided to use the second method to making the sauce, as outlined in the book. To do this all you need to do is flavour your wine, pour that into a thermos and add the chopped butter. Then, like you are using a, ‘Shake Weight’ you mix the butter and wine into a sauce. The brilliant part is that you can make it ahead and it will stay warm in the thermos. If you could not gather from this paragraph, the prep for this recipe is very easy. That being said, I did mess up and did not reduce the wine quite enough, which led to a bit of a runny sauce. Thankfully the broccoli florets like to soak up sauce like this!

We agreed that the cauliflower was the better of the two dishes. It is not very often that I would choose the recipe that did not have the alcohol in it but it won on this occasion. We also both agreed that this dish would look impressive served whole on the table.

I would put both of these recipes around the mid-point of my taste to effort ratio. Both require little effort in the prep and both have an average to above average taste. For this reason, and because I would like to perfect the beurre blanc sauce, I would probably make both these recipes again.


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