Quick Prep Friday

  • Recipe(s): Jools favourite Saturday afternoon pasta (page 64)
  • Prep: Easy
  • Taste: Good
  • Hold on tight guys, this one is going to be quick.

    After a long work week I wanted to make something that was quick and required little prep. Not too many recipes in the book matched this criteria expect for this one. I know it was Friday night and, apparently Jool’s prefers this on a Saturday but what the heck. Once I read that Jamie Oliver said of this recipe “..it only uses a tiny fraction of [his] brain power,” I was sold! As often happens, I was getting ready to cook and needed to head to the grocery store to pick up some ingredients, so again I was off to Save On Foods and Urban Fare.

    The prep for this recipe was one of the easiest of the book so far. In fact the most time consuming part was opening the two cans of tuna (dolphin free of course) and one can of tomatoes, but once those were open I was home-free. The canned goods are added to the chopped onion, chili pepper, cinnamon and basil stocks and then the entire mix ticks away for 20 minutes or so. I had never used basil stocks in a recipe before, which I thought was kind of cool. I mean why not use them? They have the same great taste as the leaves.

    The taste of this dish is similar to the prep. Little complexity but it does the trick. I didn’t tell my partner the ingredients before she took down the first spoonful and she was a bit taken aback that there was tuna in the dish. It was pretty funny. She like’s tuna in sandwiches but not so much in pasta. The best part of this dish, for me, was the lemon. I have always enjoyed lemon with tuna and it did not disappoint on this occasion. Aside from the dish being ordinary, one thing I would change is the amount of chili pepper. The recipe calls for two but I think one would be sufficient, it would allow the other flavours to stand out more.

    This recipe does not score too high on my taste to effort ratio. While the effort is very minimal, the taste is just not special enough to score it too high. I would probably not make this dish again.


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