Pre-Boarding Dessert

  • Recipe: Classic Victoria sponge with all the trimmings (page 376)
  • Prep: Moderate
  • Taste: Decent


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday……sorry about that. Tomorrow is my partner’s birthday but we celebrated tonight, as we are hoping on a plane to Laos very early tomorrow morning! Don’t worry, I did not make a huge meal, that would require a massive amount of clean-up before we leave for the airport. Instead, we ordered in from one of our favourite sushi restaurants, Clubhouse on 2nd Ave, had her parents pick it up on their way over and I made a cake from the book.


Let me say that, I have never had a classic Victoria sponge with all of the trimmings before, and if you asked me to make one I would not know where to start. Baking has never been my thing – there are too many rules for my liking and not enough room to add a little flair here and there. Possibly, if I were to bake more in the future, I would find that there is room to mess around with a recipe here and there but for now….baking is not my thing.


That being said, following this recipe is dead simple and the flavour of, both the cake and the whipped cream, was very nice. I did not have self rising flour, so I used, ‘The Google,’ to find out how to make my own. Pretty basic, add a certain proportion of baking powder and salt to the amount of flour you are using. Luckily we had all of the ingredients readily available in our cupboards, so I did not have to make a last minute run to the store. I did run into a bit of an issue trying to get the batter split evenly amongst the two baking dishes. I ended up with one cake a bit bigger than the other, but when smothered with whipped cream, jam and fresh strawberries, no one was the wiser.


This cake was probably not the best choice to pair with a sushi diner. I mean, spicy tuna rolls do not scream, ‘follow me up with a sponge cake please!’ All in all, as I mentioned before, the taste of the cake and the whipped cream was very nice. The cake itself was very, very dense. Is this what a sponge is supposed to be like? Probably not but everyone ate it, so, chalk one up for being polite. I would probably not make this again, not because baking is not my thing, but because I think there are better recipes to make again in the world, however, it did use of the last left over vanilla beans from the Eton mess that I made last week.


This will be the last recipe post for awhile. I do not plan on carrying Jamie’s cook book on our trip but please keep checking back as we will be posting about our travels through Southern Laos over the next couple of weeks.


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