Seafood Sunday

  • Recipe: Lovely crab linguini (page 74)
  • Prep: Moderate
  • Taste: Very Good


Seafood Sunday started out with a short walk down to Granville Island to pick up the fresh crab meat required for the recipe. The walk in itself was a disaster as my trusty rubber boots (a requirement living in Vancouver) sprung a leak on the way there. Thankfully the process of getting the crabmeat was seamless, aside from the shock at the price!, and I was home, with a very wet sock, in short order. I picked up the rest of the ingredients at Sunshine Farms, on Gore and Pender streets. I still don’t know how they can sell vegetables so much cheaper than Save-on-Foods.


The prep for this recipe was actually fairly straight forward. It is a touch time consuming, as I had to pick the crabmeat myself but really not too bad at all. Pre-picked crabmeat would speed the process up a bit. I actually ended up prepping the asparagus and fennel ahead of time. I didn’t have a speed peeler, so I used the regular version – it took no time at all. It was an easy task to do while watching the football game.


Cooking the dish was very easy. How hard is it to put most of your ingredients into a bowl (I used a pan as I did not have a large enough bowl to fit over my pot of water) and cook them with the steam created from cooking the pasta?


I quite enjoyed the taste of this dish. It did not have as much of a licorice taste as I thought it would from the amount of fennel used. It was also not as oily as I thought it would be with the amount of olive oil used in the sauce. All in all I thought this was a very nice dish and would make it again, although I may use organic chicken instead of crab meat, otherwise I will not be able to go on any trips again!


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