Welcome to my blog!

The idea for this blog was actually hatched by my partner.  She decided that rather than picking a generic resolution for 2014 and not sticking to it, we should pick one that we could actually keep and would be fun.  She just happens to love food and I quite enjoy cooking, so her idea was to pick a cookbook, from the many that we have in our kitchen, and make every recipe in it throughout the year.   My idea was to, a la Amy Adams, blog about the process and while I was at it, write about another of our passions, traveling.

In 2014 we will be preparing recipes from one of my favorite chefs, Jamie Oliver.   Throughout the year we will make each and every recipe from his, ‘Cook with Jamie,’ book.   We are super stoked to get the process started.   Keep checking back to find out how we did.   I am certain there will be many entertaining posts this year.

We will also be traveling to Laos and the Dominican Republic in 2014.  The first is on our own and will be a backpacking adventure, while the second is for a wedding at an all inclusive resort. I wonder what the difference will be between the two?   Check back to find out what happened on each of these adventures. 


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